Cubbie - The Koalacubs Sling Selection Tool

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Enter some information about yourself and your child below and our artificial inteligence engine will make some suggestions about which baby carrier may be suitable for you!

We have designed this tool around the advice we provide when talking with our customers over the last six years and the valued feedback they have provided.  The tool is designed to assist those who are new to babywearing and are considering thier first sling.  The tool is based on which slings parents typically find most useful - rather than any technicalities of advanced babywearing.

As we are trying a new tool, we value your feedback.

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Childs Current Age

Level of complexity

Select a higher complexity to get more results

Your build


Select a higher value to get more results / most suitable carriers

Life time

Select a lower age to get more results for a younger child
Selected option is a minimum and some carriers suggested may be suitable for older children

Carrier Type

Select the first option for the largest number of results


The following carriers are recommended for you  based on your selection.  The carrier with the highest recomendation for you is shown first:

If two carriers are shown with the same number before them then they are equally recommended.

For further advice following the use of this tool, please feel free to email us. 

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For images of recommended slings see below:
or click a link above to visit that carrier on our on our website.