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Baby Sling Reviews

What have our customers said about their carriers? Below are some comments. If you would like your comments added, please don't hesitate to drop us an email. If you send a photo of yourself with the carrier, that would be great but it's fine to send a review without a picture and we will use a stock image.

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  Bobab 4G Review

Absolutely delighted with my Boba 4G!. I  had it on for a while only and absolutely loved it, felt so good! Oh and I made myself lunch without worrying if my little one will start crying or not, she just slept all the way! I love it already! Super fast delivery too and great customer service, thank you!


  O&A Review

"I absolutely love this carrier. I had spotted it online about 6 months before I bought it and couldn't make up my mind but after a demo with Lynda and Babywearing Ireland I made up my mind. My only regret is not getting it sooner. I could have saved myself a lot of arm and backache if I had.  

After a couple of practice goes its really easy to get on and off and get my little one into. She loves being carried and loves shopping trips even more now that we can actually get into shops that we couldn't get into before with the buggy. We never use the buggy anymore! 

Jolene, Dublin"


  O&A Review

"I have just started using my new O&A baby carrier and wow, what a difference it has made.  I previously used a different make and was only able to carry my son for relatively short periods.  Now with the O&A he is happy on my front or back for long periods of time.  The straps and also very comfortable.  Because I take my son to work with me and there is a lot of walking being able to get him in and out of the carrier is important, and with the O&A I can do it with ease.  I will be starting to exercise with my son in the carrier and even though he is quite a heavy boy, we have no problems and most of the time he nods off.  This is evidence enough of him finding the carrier very comfortable.

Thank you :)


Scootababy Review

 My Review of the Scootababy

The Scootababy has enabled me to reclaim my mobility and some spontaneity of movement. We bought it before traveling in Europe and travelled without a pram. The Airport Transfer was made safe (and dare I say relaxed!) with my child by my side, held against me instead of facing away in her pram. My husband liked having her at our eye level and we both felt that she was safer than in a pram. Also we noticed that other people see her faster when she is in the Scootababy as opposed to in a pram. Our dd was kept safe and warm (no jacket needed, just a jumper and hat) in the Scootababy. We travelled by plane, by train and by metro during our travel and our dd felt safe and enjoyed our close contact.

For info: DD is 20 months and weighs 25 pounds. I am a small person and I can carry her without strain. So my review is positive and we are delighted to have discovered this carrier.

Cora, from Galway.  


Review of Calin Bleu Microfibre Wrap

I did some research on the various stretchy slings on the market. The range is huge! So many type of fabric, length and prices. But when I came across the Calin Bleu micro-fleece wraps I knew I had to have one of those. The most difficult thing to decide was the colour! I chose the pumpkin combination in the end.

This wrap is incredibly light, I know they say so on the website also, but it’s really light in comparison with any other sling I tried (easily less than half the weight.). The length for me is just perfect, 4.6m is plenty to wrap it around without having long dangling pieces of material. My little boy (6 weeks old!) loves it and falls asleep in minutes. I also found it extremely easy to put on, I have only done front pocket wrap cross as I like the coloured panel to be visible, and it’s adorable.

I’m already looking at the possibility of getting a second one!

Stock image Fran, Dublin, February 2011


Review of JMPBB Wrap

I heard about this wrap when my first daughter was born 2 and half years ago but at the time I went for the woven wrap. For the last 2 years I have really wanted to get this wrap, so when my second daughter was born, I decided to buy one (thanks to my friends who gave it to me as a birth present).

I really love it as it is much stronger and thicker than the other stretchy wraps.  It can stretch left, right, up and down so it is very comfortable, stretches easily, has a nice bounce. but does not over stretch and does not loosen it up with time.

It can be used from birth up to 15/16kg and you can really use it with a toddler.  You can tie the knot in the morning and leave it on all day. 

The instructions from JPMBB are fab and I love the videos, even if they are in French they are easy to follow for any one who doesn't speak French.

Yes they are more expensive than the other stretchy wraps but you can use them past 6 months and you can do back carries with them.

Photos Of Tania and Muireann Tania - CorK


Comments on our service - (Used with permission of and thanks to the senders)

JPMBB - Peacock Blue Light Grey

 "Hi Lynda and the Koalacub team,

Just a quick email to say thank you very much for your excellent service in
delivering my JPMBB  wrap which I received today.

Having searched online for a wrap, your website provided great information and advice regarding which wrap suited me most and then also was very competitive on price meaning I could support an Irish company which is always important for me.

The ordering and delivery was easy and I received emails and the wrap itself promptly and without hassle.

Finally, what a pleasant surprise to open the package and find a bar of
chocolate!!! Along with a perfectly packaged wrap and detailed instruction
booklet.. (Koalacubs note: This was part of a Valanties surprise where we hid chockolate bars in all our wraps along with a note from baby, thanking mum for looking after baby! - we love making mums smile!)

Thanks again for providing a great service and shop for baby slings/wraps.


Neobulle - Simon

"Hi Lynda,
just wanted to let you know my sling arrived this morning. Can't wait to
start using it. Thank you very much for the speedy delivery.
Kind regards,